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"Legend has it that this entertainer sings in the pubs and bars of all the ports around the world."
 He is now back with new songs, more stories for a travelling show loaded with surprises and emotions. 
Juke, always true to its maritime roots, has already scoured a number of pubs and theaters worldwide. From Douarnenez its home port, to New Zealand, via Senegal, Berlin, Brussels, and to Ireland he returns on the tracks of his 1996 september tour; cork, galway, limerick, Doolin etc. .. 
But also French major scenes and as many memorable stop offs sometimes shared with other musicians. 
Juke’s songs have the taste of salted butter, telling stories of these multiple trips and meetings, that tell of happily magical places ("The cove Winkles"), great characters ("Wonderbraz") cries from the heart too ("the old sock") life stories set to music like the history of this small boat ("Let them talk") put afloat by a group of friends in the port of Rosmeur in his home town. 
The tenor of Brest in concert is a mixture of excitement and celebration. 
The guitar is still his favorite instrument; but juke has more surprises up his sailors sleeve , and why not a ukulele or a kazoo?
 Through his songs transpire humor, love and emotions.
 Through stories of ordinary lives, surprising travel stories , the inventor of the Fusion Chouchen in Brittany communicates songs with a healthy dose of salty spray, joy, fishing and good humor to be enjoyed without moderation accompanied with oysters! 
 No more moping the Tenor is at the helm! Be prepared for high tide, the storm will blow !!!
 the inventor of the "Chouchen Fusion" is arriving in your area ... 
No time for sleeping with the Tenor!! 

Juke Le Maout
Le Ténor De Brest
Tel:06 63 35 06 55

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